About The Crush Series

The Crush Series is designed as an educational and fun universe in which children learn by playing and a source of inspiration and resources for parents.

In addition to the first illustrated children’s book in the series, the Crush website has games, audio books, songs and cool merchandise that will help children learn in a fun and engaging way from the witty characters of the Crush Series.

The Crush Series books are written in English and present the fun adventures of a group of animals with an educational message for children about the consequences of our actions. Enjoy the first book of the series - Frog Crush, the second one - Monkey Crush and the third one - Penguin Crush.

We also invite you to join our community of parents and educators and stay connected with us to find more fun ideas to engage your children.

Meet the inventive creators
behind Crush

Ian Worboys
The Author

Meet Ian Worboys, a father of four with wonderful skills which not only include his writing of poetry but also his desire to make children laugh whilst learning. He is happy to transform himself into the Crush characters of a frog or a hippo to entertain children!

His skills as a parent have helped form the basis of The Crush Series and its products.

Ian is also a qualified surveyor and has run several International Real Estate companies specialising in warehouse development.

Whilst reading the books to his children at bedtime he would bring the animals to life through his hilarious impersonations. Sometimes he would be a funny imitator of a penguin, a frog or a kangaroo, his imagination as a writer of rhyming poetry fed the minds of his children and their friends. Their interactions with each other, their quarrelling, laughter and games of hide and seek were all inspiration for the characters in the books.

As a father of four, Ian found himself looking for fun books, preferably written in rhyming poetry, to help him connect to his children, entertain them and, most importantly, develop their imagination and creativity. Unable to find such books on the shelves of his local bookshop, he started his hobby of writing poetry. Some 100 poems later he started writing The Crush Series.

The author spent many happy evenings pretending to be the animals within The Crush Series. From making fish faces to trying to catch imaginary flies with his tongue. From waddling like a penguin to bouncing like a kangaroo. These evenings helped to bring him and his children much closer as they grew.

Silke Diehl
The Illustrator

Say hello to Silke, the talented illustrator who transformed Ian’s rhyming world into beautiful drawings. She is a mother of three and, as a parent, she also learned that playful parenting is the key to childrens’ hearts and minds. Much like Ian, Silke had brought up her 3 children to express their feelings and to be creative. The similarities between how the two families brought up their children in two different countries (Silke in Germany and Ian in Great Britain) is striking.

Silke was working as an interior architect when she met the author. Her one big dream was to be a book illustrator for children. Just like the unexpected series of events in the books, the two met , discussed the project and many events followed that led to the production of the Crush books. They put their skills together and it was a creative Crush! It was Silke, who had the inspiration to add a song to each Crush book.

Both Ian and Silke hope that you enjoy The Crush Series.