Imagine a world where colourful animals live and play their lives out, enjoying the sun and looking for food, whilst avoiding becoming lunch for someone else.

Then, just as they are about to eat, another animal comes along to spoil their perfect day. The Crush Series are a humorous look at how one situation can influence another situation and that even then something else completely unexpected may affect the whole outcome.

The books are full of hilarious situations where the unexpected can and will happen in order to save the day.
  • Frog Crush

    Welcome to Frog Crush! In this book you can meet Mr.Hippo who is one of the biggest and happiest characters in the whole of The Crush Series. The animals in the river are scared of the crocodile who has many teeth and a very big mouth. But Crush Hippo saves the day when he accidentally jumps on the crocodile as he is having his lunch. Swish and fly as the book takes you on a surprising journey whilst you sing Mr Hippo’s favourite tune.
  • Monkey Crush

    Monkey Crush introduces human hunting and so allows parents to talk about the reason people hunt. Is it for food or pleasure? The scene is set in India where lions and tigers still exist together. The story brings coconuts to life and shows how an unexpected lunch can save animals from being eaten or hunted.
  • Penguin Crush

    From the smallest creature in the sea, a plankton, to a mighty polar bear who is being hunted by an Eskimo, this book tells the story of life at the North Pole. Snow, ice and icebergs give the feeling of being cold thus allowing parents to explain the remoteness of life at the Poles.
  • Kangaroo Crush (coming soon)

    In Kangaroo Crush we find ourselves in Australia, in the heat of the desert. New animals are introduced from a part of the world that few children would ever have visited. Grubs crawl along and kangaroos hop, allowing parents and children to imitate their favourite characters and learn about new cultures.
  • Crab Crush (coming soon)

    In Crab Crush we are introduced to sea creatures who spend most of their time looking for food. We learn that they must be careful not to be eaten by a bigger creature and so they keep an eye out for trouble. But once they see their land they stop looking around and quickly become lunch for a larger creature. The concept of the fisherman is introduced which can help a child to learn where their food comes from and human evolution.
  • Elephant Crush (coming soon)

    Elephant Crush is set in the Serengeti in Africa. It is a hot, sunny day and the animals are hungry .
    A scorpion is searching for bugs to eat, while a warthog is looking for a tasty scorpion. Looking for a scorpion is a lion who hasn’t seen a large elephant walking his way. Hunting the elephant for his ivory is a poacher who is about to get a shock.