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Lovers of children's books from New Zeeland and Australia, to the USA, to Northern Europe and to the distant and beautiful continent of Africa will find the Crush Series books in their local bookshops from 1 May 2021 onwards.

Bedtime reading has just become more fun! Discover our large format books and all the Crush characters who will jump off of the pages and into your children's imagination. The series will be growing this fall with Kangaroo Crush which launched on 1 September 2021. It will surely bring unique rhyming humour to your children’s life and will introduce them to another hilarious crush!

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  • Frog Crush (large format, 210x245 mm)

    Welcome to Frog Crush! In this story you will meet Mr. Hippo who is one of the biggest and one of the happiest characters in the whole Crush Series. The animals in the river are wary of the crocodile, who has many teeth and a very big mouth. But Mr. Hippo saves the day when he accidentally jumps on the crocodile as he is having his lunch. The story takes you on a surprising and hilarious journey, while you sing along to Mr. Hippo’s favourite tune.
  • Monkey Crush (large format, 210x245 mm)

    The scene is set in India where lions and tigers still exist together. The story brings coconuts to life and shows how an unexpected lunch can save animals from being eaten or hunted. Monkey Crush introduces the reality of human hunting and allows parents to talk about the reason people hunt. Is it for food or for pleasure?
  • Penguin Crush (large format, 210x245 mm)

    In this laugh out story set near the North Pole a group of hungry animals collide as they search for a hearty meal. A polar bear, a fish, a penguin and an Inuit all have their prey in their sights, but will they get that meal they are dreaming of? The vibrant illustrations of snow, ice and icebergs, create the feeling of being in the cold allowing parents to explain the remoteness of life at the Polar extremes.
  • Kangaroo Crush (large format, 210x245 mm)

    Kangaroo Crush is set in Australia in the heat of the desert and shows a day in the life of a group of animals unique to this geography. The story introduces new animals from a part of the world that few people would ever have visited. The koala enjoying his eucalyptus leaves, watches as events happen around him. Then a bug, a water dragon lizard, an emu and a mother kangaroo all enter the story and cause another hilarious crush.
  • Crab Crush (large format, 210x245 mm)

    This vibrant story presents life under the sea in Asia and introduces us to creatures and a fisherman who rely on the sea for their food. It's a book full of colourful characters, funny coincidences, and an exciting crush that will engage young minds from the beginning to the end of the story.