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“The rhyming poetic text
and the stunning watercolour
illustrations made us want to read
the story over and over again!”

Alex - Teacher, Book Reviewer

“It goes without saying
that The Crush Series books
are all designed and produced
to such a high quality.”

Andrea - Tutor, Book Reviewer

”As always we loved
reading this book, if you’ve
not read the series yet,
do it! Do it now!“

Danie - Book Reviewer
“Not only is this
a wonderful story told in perfect
rhyme, but it also teaches
the reader about certain
animal hunting techniques,
as well as the reality of
the circle of life…”

Emily - Book Reviewer
”The illustrations are
just beautiful and I love that
they’re hardback! The text
is fun and exciting for the little
ones to listen to and you even
get a song at the end of
each book too!”

Danie - Book Reviewer