We are a small independent company that publishes The Crush Series books and related educational and fun merchandise. Our mission is to create a platform, where parents with children from 2 to 7 years old can easily find educational and fun resources to engage with their children.
As a new company we are inspired by modern parents and their children who are enthusiastic about our products.  

The name Crush was chosen for the series for two reasons. First, Crush has a relevance to each book where, at the end of each rhyming story, the characters always end up in a crush. Thankfully no character is ever hurt. The second reason is that once you read the books you too will have a Crush, or love, on the characters. On which animal will you have a Crush?  

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Love the world of Crush.  


The illustrated
Crush Series books

encourage 3 to 6 y.o. children to enter a fun universe where they can learn by playing and reading.

Activities & Games

Besides the books, you can also find colouring sheets, games, audio books and cool merchandise that will help children learn in a fun and engaging way from the witty characters of the Crush Series.