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I am The Crush Hippo and my name begins with H.
H can be for happy as I am always happy when I waddle along singing my song. H is also for hungry as I am always hungry. On average I eat 40kg of grass a day.

I don’t like crocodiles. Their name begins with C which stands for creepy, as they creep through the water, and cruel, because they like to eat my little friends. As I am a vegetarian I don’t know why crocodiles can’t just eat grass like me.

F is for fish, frogs and flies. I like to see fish swim around me when I am keeping cool and I play in the water. That is why I don’t eat them. Fish like to eat frogs and frogs like to eat flies. But mostly fish and frogs like to have F for fun.

Fish starts with F which stands for fun and also for face,
as many fish have funny faces that make me laugh.
Can you pull a fish face?

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