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Monkey Crush characters!

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I am the Monkey Crush and my name starts with M. M is for Magical and Marvelous and Miscevious because sometimes I am like this. I like to play and make the coconut fall from the tree onto the ground where it will either break open or it will hit a dangerous animal.

I am the Tiger Crush and my name starts with T which can stand for tender but also tenacious and terrible, as I am sometimes when I hunt. I am very clever and I am one of the best hunters in the animal world. I am able to climb trees, unlike the lion, and so I ca can hunt high and low.

I am the Crush Lion and my name starts with L. L is for lovable, lazy and long and laughing. I am the King of the Jungle but I don't think that anyone told the tigers this. I like to eat and then sleep in the shade of tall trees or in long grass. I am quite lazy and I am more active at night than during the hot sunshine of the day. I hunt men when men hunt me.

I am the Crush Hunter and my name starts with H. H is for hungry, happy and harsh. In some places people have to hunt in order to survive, but they only hunt for what they need. This means that they may hunt in order to eat or they need the skins to stay warm. But true native leave the animal population intact so that they can hunt again and again, year after year. Other men yet hunt just for pleasure and this is very sad.

I am the Crush Coconut and my name starts with C . C is for Coconuts which are actually the seeds of the coconut trees. I am very hard and if I hit anyone on the head it will hurt a lot. Inside me I have a sweet tasting milk that is very healthy and refreshing. Coconut flesh is turned into sweets and cakes. Do you like coconut sweets?

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